LinkedIn Ads


We still sometimes think of LinkedIn as a portal that is only used to look for a job. Wrong. The Microsoft-owned website has come a long way and today it is a place where specialists of all kinds willingly meet and inspire. This, in turn, made marketers interested in him.

LinkedIn is a great place to advertise when you want to reach people in specific jobs. On other sites, users are often reluctant to share what they do professionally - on LinkedIn, quite the opposite. It is therefore easier for us to reach users, taking into account their profession and functions performed in the company.

Our clients willingly commission us such campaigns when they want to reach specific people from the B2B industry, and we are happy to help them with this. Depending on the goal of the campaign (Newsletter sign-up? Lead campaign? Participation in the event? Something else?) we help you select the target group and find an effective way to reach it. We support the client at every stage of the campaign, and after setting it up, we optimize it, and at the end we present the results in the form of a transparent report.

Check if your clients are also on LinkedIn!